Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Best Memory Test - Research & Review

To establish a current state baseline for my memory, I'm going to take a memory test. In addition, I will also be re-taking the Myers Briggs test since it's been 15+ years since my last one. (patience please - this will be a separate post, I never liked taking test!! ;-).

I've identified the following possible brain / memory tests (see review below):

A report in ScienceDaily mentions that people with early stage Alzheimer's experience problems with episodic and semantic memory. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an online test that specifically tests episodic and semantic memory.

But, I did manage to take the Mensa Workout and the Free IQ Test. I thought both tests were quite different. The Mensa Workout took a lot longer and was very visual/pattern oriented. The Free IQ test was a hybrid of different questions. Interestingly, (and embarrassingly), I scored 115 on both. I thought this was low since I remember taking an IQ test when I was around 18 and scored 138. This is almost a 17% decline in 23 years. At this rate, I would be at about 96 when I'm 64 years old. According to Audioblox's IQ Test Scores: The Basics of IQ Score Interpretation, a 115 is considered "high average". Using Excel, I created the graph and equation displayed above and here's a summary of what I might expect as I age:
  • Age 18: IQ=138, "Very Superior", 2.2% of population
  • Age 41: IQ=115, "High Average", 16.1% of population
  • Age 65: IQ=92, "Average", 50% of population
  • Age 80: IQ=76, "Borderline", lower 5% (Estimated with Linear Regression)
My goal will be to retake both of these tests after my experiments and see if I stabilize or improve at all.

Some additional links to note:
Alzheimer's disease: Does High IQ slow progression?
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